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Crouzet Products:

  • Millenium 3 Logic Controller

  • Industrial Grade Timers/Counters

  • Machine Safety Products

  • Solid State Relays & I/O

  • Snap-Action Switches

  • Sub-Fractional HP Motors & Fans

  • Pneumatic Control Components

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Micro-Control Micro-Motors
Time-delay Relays,
Logic Controllers,
Control Relays
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DC Motor,
Brushless Motor,
Synchronous Motor...
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Position Sensors Solid-State Relays
Limit Switches,
Proximity Detectors...

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Solid-State I/O Modules
Relay and Optocoupler Modules...
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Pneumatics High spec. sensors
Control Valves
Solenoid Valves,
Detectors ...
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Detection, protection, Man-Machine interface
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New Products

Millenium 3 Programmable Logic Controllers


Discover the third generation of logic controllers developed by Crouzet. Available in a compact version for simple automation systems, or an expandable version offering up to 50 I/O for enhanced performance. Millenium 3 is the ideal solution for numerous applications, including packaging, access control, vending, irrigation, pump management, HVAC Control and many more!

Visit the Millenium 3 Programmable Logic Controllers section for more information on the product offering.

Millenium Web Server

The Embedded Web Scada solution... Freedom for professionals.

 Keeps management and maintenance costs down (both preventive and corrective).
 Optimizes operating costs and technicians´┐Ż visits to the site.
 Enables you to react immediately to equipment malfunctions.
 Improves the reliability of production processes.
 Provides event traceability and archiving...

Download the Millenium Web Server Brochure


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