DC Motors Brushless Motors Integrated Motor Solutions
 From 1 to 200W,
high efficiency for
extreme miniaturisation.
 Optimal service life
 Less electrical wear
 Less rotor wear
 Low noise level
 Quality of the materials and springs
 Rotor balancing

30 to 60W
silent operation
and high performance through integrated electronics. 20 000 hr service life, 75% efficiency.
 Easy to implement with no risk to the components.
 Complies with EMC standards

No need for external filter.
 Integrated geared motors from 0.2 to 25 W
 Compact, robust, low noise and reduced centring error
 For exceptional efficiency, the metal gearwheels and spindles may be mounted on teflon-coated needles.

Synchronous Motors Stepper Motors Linear Motors
 Fixed rotation speed, independent of the load, related to the frequency of the power supply.
This type of motor can be used as a time base or provide rotation, for a relatively small effort.
 1 or 2 directions of rotation and Geared Motors up to 5 Nm

 Particularly well-suited for bank printers, medical pumps, heating and air conditioning.
Their 'open loop' operation guarantees accurate positioning for precise set up and high repeat accuracy.
 Resolution available: either 48 or 24 steps per revolution (7.5� or 15�)

 Simple motors offering greater power than synchronous motors, and a very long service life.
Their rotation speed
depends on the torque applied to the motor.
 Ideal in office automation and domestic appliance sectors
 1 or 2 directions of rotation and
Geared Motors from 0.6 to 6 Nm.

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