Proximity Sensors Photoelectric Sensors Snap-Action Switches
 Inductive or Capacitive.
Wires dia.
4 to 8
 M8, M12, M18, M30 connectors, flat pack for conveyer applications, 40*40 with rotary head.
 Specific range for severe environments ( water, dust ).
 Detecting the presence or absence of an object using the ability
of the object to reflect or interrupt a beam of light.
 A broad range of products adapted to varied accuracy, detection distance, dimensional and accessibility requirements.
 Easy to implement.
 High rating in a compact size, short actuation travel,
highly dependable travel and force values.
 Long service life.
 Wide range of actuators for easy adaptation to the most varied applications.
Limit Switches  
 Plunger-operated, high accuracy, miniature.
 Wide range for safety applications
 Compliant with standards depending on the type
( IP /EN )

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