Logic Controller Counters - Ratemeters "Panel-Mount " Electronic Timer Relays
 Standard or Extendable Millenium II++, available in starter kit,
special or hardened versions are possible.
 8 or 12 inputs (PNP or NPN)
 4 or 8 outputs (relays or solid-state)
 Transparent communication between Millenium II units.
 Wide selection of accessories, modems, converter modules.
  IP67-compliant when panel-mounted with waterproof face-plate kit
 Counter, batch counter, count down, ratemeter(tachometer),chronometer
elapsed time functions.
 2 dimensions : 48x48 and 72x72.
 Liquid crystal display - red or LCD -, with backlighting.
 1 or 2 pre-set settings.
 4 time ranges.
 Easy to configure and maintain.
EEPROM memory for saving.
 Time counters and electro-mechanical pulse counters in several sizes, 5 or 6 figures, with or without manual reset.
 Digital, analog or electro-mechanical : mono or multi-function
multiple ranges, single or multiple voltages, memory protecting against mains power losses.
Up or Down counting modes for the digital relays
Direct time readout for analog relays
Display of the cycles for electro-mechanical relays.
Solid-state outputs of the button type, complying with IP65 for quick timer setting ( complying with IEC 1131 ).
Control Relays Temperature Controllers Safety Relays
 To monitor levels, phases, current, voltage, speed and
 They monitor their own power supply or are self-powered
 Indication of the various states by LED
 Relays with LCD to display the voltage and current

 Analog Controllers for Thermo-couples or Thermo-resistors
 Digital controllers with hot-cold functions, alarms.
 Displays the value measured and/or the setpoint.
 Load break detection and
communication option possible
 CTD24 range with minimum dimensions and SMART function
for auto-tuning.
 Emergency stop, monitoring mobile guards, timed contacts,
extension unit for breaking capacity, zero speed monitoring,
for monitoring integrity and iso-levelling, two-hand control.
 Emergency stop push-button
 Complies with current standards
( EN 574, EN 574/97, EN 418 and EN954-1 )
Cam Programmers Electronic "DIN Rail-mounted"
Timed Relays
 From 1 to 40 circuits.
 Fast cycle end or 2 speeds
 Programmers with 1 or 2 circuits may be front-panel mounted
 Chronos 2 : 17.5 mm;
22.5 mm or Plug-in
Electronic Timed Relays
with A, B, C, H, E, L, X or ACC functions
 De-frosting relay for air conditioning and industrial cold
 Electro-mechanical and miniature relay

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