GN Series Hybrid Power Relays Input / Output Modules
 a revolution in solid-state relays : EMC-compatible, water-proof, with NO SCR output circuits, with no moving

parts with no moving parts, they have a long service life and are highly reliable.
Possibility of zero voltage switching to switch resistors or motors.
 Available in IP20 versions with touch-safe housing; or IP00 without cover.
 Diode status indicator.
 Available in 10 to 125 A versions in a selection of voltages from 280V or 660 V for alternating current.
 Capable of handling 4 x 32V inputs for direct current regulated at 14 mA maximum.
 We also offer versions for inputs carrying higher voltages for use with either alternating and direct current.

 an innovative concept, associating the best of both solid-state and electro-

mechanical technologies to attain unique performance levels : switch 20 A, in silence in only 17.5mm, can be clip-mounted on a DIN rail, hence can be installed in anywhere on the site.
  Remarkable service life : 5 million switching operations at full load, with no deterioration in performance.

 They are economical and ideal as interfaces between the PLC inputs / outputs and the field.
 Six different housing types to cover all possible applications.
 Wide range of electronic boards capable of handling either input or output modules.
 Their characteristics are an ideal alternative to the traditional electro-mechanical interfaces.
SMART module
 SMART Module, patented principle.These modules monitor
solid-state relays, providing visual and electrical display in the event of a fault in the circuit or in the solid-state relay monitored.

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