Human-Machine Interface Components Position Detectors Pressure Switches - Amplifiers
 Our pneumatic two-hand safety controls comply with
European Directive EN 574
for safety devices, for classes IIIA or IIIB depending on the type
 Manual safety valves for mounting diameters: 12 mm and 20 mm
 Two-hand pneumatic safety controls
 Pneumatic impulse counters
 A complete and vast range of position, and proximity and gap detectors for pneumatic
systems :'low force , 'mini-valve' , 'miniature , 'compact' , 'adjustable, 'sensitive , 'proximity' and 'gap'.

 A wide range of pneumatic control and vacuum switches :
Pneumatic and vacuum switches, intrinsically safe pressure switches (EEx ia II C T6), amplifiers and leak sensor relays

Pneumatic Logic
Miniature Control Valves Vacuum Handling Components
 Wide range of logic functions for pneumatic control:
logic elements, memory elements, fixed or adjustable timer elements, fixed or adjustable impulse generators, and sequencer modules
 A big selection of products to be wired : integrated terminals,
multi-core cables with sub D
connectors, field bus : Modbus, Profibus, AS-i.

 Vacuum generators, vacuum switches, vacuometers


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