Electronic Timers

As the #1 manufacturer of timers in Europe, Crouzet is building on its lead with a very comprehensive range of solutions :

  • Electronic or electromechanical

  • DIN rail, panel mounting or plug in

  • Relay or solid state output

  • Timing range from 0.01 seconds to 9999 hours

  • Multi-voltage or mono-voltage

  • Multi-function or mono-function

  • Simple to set parameters

  • Conforming to IEC, UL, CSA, EN and VDE

Cam Timers

Cam timers allow for the simplification of automation control systems and a reduction in the number of components. The essential application corresponds to sequential automation control systems.

These timers offer :

  • Good cost ratio

  • Mechanical memory in the event of a power cut

  • High rated power

They are designed for automation control systems that need to be activated during a cycle in a predetermined order. This cycle can be unique, repetitive or step by step. The Crouzet range covers the simplest to the most complex cycles (1 to 40 circuits) while respecting international standards and certifications (they are designed for multiple types of fixing, electrical characteristics, cycle durations, etc).



  • Harsh conditions

  • Intelligent communication gateway

The range of RPX micro-PLCs has revolutionized the market as the first range to communicate on all standard fieldbuses. It also enables simultaneous communication over 2 networks. This solution has now proved its worth in the most diverse applications: aerospace, transport, etc.

These solutions function on open systems and fieldbuses: C.Bus (Modbus compatible), Profibus FMS and DP, Can Open, Device Net. The CROUZET range of RPX PLCs includes a family dedicated to severe environments, whether extreme operating temperatures (from -20 to +75 C) or for resistance to knocks and vibration, according to the MILSTD 810 E and GAMEG 13 standards.


Control Relays

  • Monitoring of physical magnitude

  • Control of electrical magnitude

  • Protection of electrical equipment

Crouzet control relays offer the user a high level of reliability while simplifying installation and use. The different relays (level, phase, current, single-phase voltage) take up little space (DIN format 17.5 or 22.5mm or 45mm for 3-phase currents), and clip onto the DIN rail.Settings are entered directly on the front panel.Crouzet also introduced a micro-controller for the voltage and current control relays to ensure higher precision.  For phase control relays, there are 2-output contact versions to enable the addition of an alarm or a display, or to build the redundancy necessary in certain applications. The current, voltage and phase control relays (MCI, EI, EU, EUS, EUSF, and EWS and the series FFP, FW, FWA, F3US and F3USN for 3-phase currents) are designed for monitoring and protection of networks, motors, lighting zones and machines, and areas where the slightest production halt represents a sizeable cost.  The level control relay (EN and END) is used in water/waste water industry and food processing applications where tanks are filled with various liquids.  All the products in the range conform to the CE low voltage directive and to level 3 of the electromagnetic compatibility standards. 

  • Level control : relays and probes for the controlling the level of conductive liquids.

  • Motor control and protection : monitoring loads, direction of rotation and loss of phase, current and voltage, imbalance, temperature and speed.

Temperature Controller

  • Fully configurable

  • State-of-the-art algorithm to automatically set PID parameters

From the entry-level analog controller to the communicating digital controller, Crouzet offers a range of temperature controllers that are particularly rich in functions.  The CT48A analog controllers are the entry-level products.  Very simple to install, they are connected on an 8-pin base.  Their input can be type J-K thermocouple or Pt100 resistance temperature detector.  They can function in simple On/Off mode or On/Off with proportional and derivative action.Crouzet digital controllers have an algorithm for automatically calculating the P.I.D. parameters on starting (auto-tune) and during the process (adaptive tune) to obtain precise and stable regulation even when the process is subject to interference.Additionally, a function can provide gradual preheating of the process, avoiding the risk of thermal shocks and increasing the life of the heating elements.  An offset function enables the displayed temperature to be corrected when the probe is not close to the point where measurement is required.  
The digital controllers are divided into 4 product lines: CTD 43, CTD 24, CTD 46, CTH 46 and MIC 48.


Safety Relays

  • Machine security

  • Emergency stop

  • Bimanual control

Crouzet safety relays can monitor the whole control system.  Providing maximum levels of safety, up to category 4, the wide ranges of KNA and KZH electronic safety relays offer multi-function type products: emergency stop, two-hand control, monitoring of safety guards and pressure-sensitive mats and zone monitoring.  

Developed according to the requirements of the machinery directive 89/392/EEC, they are supplied with a CE conformity certificate.  Safety Relays are certified CE, BG, UL, TUV, INRS, have a high contact rating and are simple to wire up.  The CE marking adheres to the obligatory rules laid out in the "low voltage" and "EMC" directives.  

The electrical safety relays come in several types of compact cases, width 22.5 to 135 mm, with 2 to 5 safety contacts, on the KNA2, 3 or 5 and the KZH3.  With one or two channels for redundancy of the inputs, there is always a Crouzet safety relay which can help bring the machine into conformity.  

Crouzet safety components are not just limited to safety relays: the Crouzet catalog offers positive break operation control devices with emergency stop buttons, limit switches and micro-switches.  

This product line is completed by key operated safety interlock switches, illuminated indicator banks and safety foot switches.

Pneumatic Control

Pneumatic Logic Components

The larger range of logic functions for pneumatic control:

  • Logic and memory elements

  • Fixed or adjustable time delays

  • Fixed or adjustable impulse generators

  • Sequencer modules



  • EN, VG, MIL standards

  • 0,5 to 50A with or without auxiliary contacts

  • Weight optimization

As the European leader in electrical protection for severe environments, Crouzet offers a complete range of circuit breakers , "remote control circuit breakers" and Solid State Power Controllers. These products include ratings from 0.5A to 50 A. All of them can add an auxiliary contact, a function which enables the circuit breaker to be positioned close to the electrical distribution system. The advantages are numerous: 

  • Reduction in the amount of wiring

  • Weight reduction

  • Improvement of the circuit protection

Their reliability and their electrical performance have been proven in all operating conditions and approved as per EN, VG and MIL standards.

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