The range of the RPX micro-PLCs is completed with the MIDU. Modular I/O blocks, communicating through Modbus, Profibus, Can Open and Ethernet, can exchange up to 64 I/O per unit when the processor is integrated and programmable.

Filtering and counting on digital inputs.
Threshold or scaling on analog inputs.
Time delays on digital outputs.
Freezing or fallback of digital and analog outputs in the event of a fault.

Installation and maintenance of I/O applications are facilitated by the accessibility of the electronic parts and large labeling areas. This avoids the need to touch the wiring after installation. The connector blocks have from 1-4 adjacent rows and avoid the need for intermediate terminal blocks, resulting in significant time and equipment savings.

Functions directly integrated in the I/O modules lighten the load of the automation control system, by enabling counting operations, time delays on the digital I/O, or the processing of alarm thresholds on the analog inputs while retaining direct access to the images of the physical I/O via the fieldbus.

More sophisticated functions (sensor/actuator type processing algorithms, or remote PLC) enable the MIDU to fully support distributed intelligence in your application.

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