Solid State Relays

Crouzet has a revolutionary new generation of solid state relays that offer EMC compliance and improved thermal characteristics inside the industry standard 'hockey puck' package.  This is a new range of EMC compliant, surface mounting, optically coupled, solid state relays with a choice of covered or open terminals.  These relays feature Direct Copper Bonded Technology, which, with our unique internal design, dramatically reduces the size of heat sink required.

These relays have a sealed construction, with N/O Thyristor output circuits, have no moving parts, and have long life with high reliability.  The switching is silent and is not affected by vibration.  Zero volt switching can be used for control of single phase resistive loads or motors where the power factor is worse than 0.8.  For inductive loads (motors) with a power factor better than 0.8, use the random switching versions.

By providing EMC compliant SSRs at the same or lower cost as non-compliant competing devices, Crouzet not only saves engineers and designers the cost of the components, but also saves a lot of wiring, time and trouble.  Also available is a choice of IP20 rated safety cover or an IP00 uncovered (topless) versions.  Both versions have a diagnostic LED that lights when the SSR is 'on'.  Available in 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125A ratings, with a choice of 280V or 660V AC duty, the GN Series is housed in a 60 by 45mm double hole fixing hockey puck, 32mm high.  GN Series inputs accept 4-32V DC regulated at 14mA maximum to suit PLC outputs or 5V logic signals and are isolated 4000V from the output circuit.  Higher voltage AC & DC input versions are also available.  Connections are made with easy to use self lifting Pozidrive clamp terminals designed to accept one or two wires up to 2.5mm2, which are protected by the safety cover on the IP20 versions.  Temperature ratings are -20 to +80 oC.

I/O Modules

  • Cost effective

  • Ideal interface between PLC input/output and field

Widely sold in the United States, under the Gordos name, I/O modules from Crouzet have established themselves firmly as the leader in their field. Crouzet I/O modules incorporate multiple innovations and are available in six types of cases and cover all application needs.Crouzet also offer a wide range of electronic cards, able to accept both input and output modules. These characteristics make the Crouzet I/O modules the ideal alternative to traditional electromechanical interfaces.

Pneumatic Control

Man/Machine Interface Components

Our pneumatic two hand safety controls conform to the European Machinery Directive and Standard EN574 with classification levels IIIA or IIIB depending on the type.

  • Manual control valves for fixing diameters 12 mm and 20 mm

  • Pneumatic two hand safety control

  • Pneumatic impulse counters

Miniature Solenoid Valves

  • Miniature solenoid valves width 15mm for sub-bases use (normal or intrinsically safe types)

  • Miniature solenoid valves width 15mm for connection in the body

A large choice of functions (3/2 or 2/2 NC or NO) and electrical connections with small dimensions and a reduced level of electrical power.

Miniature Control Valves

A large choice of products for wiring :

  • Integrated terminals

  • Multicore cable with sub D connectors

  • Fieldbus

Vacuum Components

  • Vacuum generators

  • Vacuum switches

  • Vacuum gauges


DC Motors

  • 1 to 200 W maxi

  • Gearbox 0,2 to 25 NW

Crouzet DC motors offer very good power efficiencies in a miniaturized unit. Crouzet has a wealth of know-how to ensure long life while limiting electrical erosion and mechanical wear on the rotor. Our accumulated experience, modeling resources, the quality of materials and springs, processing and laser vibrometry measurements taken during production result in the minimum sound levels.

Geared motors complete this range perfectly, offering compact size, noise reduction and single packaging thanks to their integrated design. Apart from these advantages, the integrated design reduces centering mechanical faults during installation and start-up.  Wheels and metal pinions can be mounted on Teflon-coated needles thus providing exceptional efficiency.

Brushless Motors with Built-in Electronics

  • Silent operating

  • Long life-span

As a result of our ACTUATING know-how, the Crouzet Brushless motor (range from 30 to 50 W) offers exceptional performance: it can run for 20,000 hours with an efficiency of 75 % while remaining totally silent.

The built-in electronics make for impressive performance levels :

  • Simplified installation without risk for the components.

  • Conformity to the strictest EMC standards, without the addition of an external filter.

  • Speed control from 10 to 100 % with an 0-10V analogue signal, or with a PWM signal (3,400 to 25,000 rpm).

Crouzet can also customize and adapt a motor for your specific application based on our wide range of geared motors and motor options.

Stepper Motors, Geared Motors

Stepper motors are found in numerous applications such as: photocopiers, bank printers, computer peripherals, medical pump, heating and ventilation.

The motor's 'open loop' operating guarantees precise positioning, which allows for an exact and repetitive set up. Possible resolutions: 48 or 24 steps per turn (75 or 15).


  • Maximum output 110htm

  • Size : 17 x 17mm to 172 x 106 mm

Crouzet has standard products with long service lives and silent operation which are not susceptible to rotor locking.  Among them, the auto-switching DC KDE line benefits from a patented new "single-winding" design. It offers better output, longer service life and better dielectric strength while being quieter.  The range of fans is complemented by numerous accessories. 

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